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Student Affairs Staff

Inge-Lise Ameer
Vice Provost for Student Affairs
(603) 646-3113

Elizabeth Lee Agosto
Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs
(603) 646-3124

Katherine Burke
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
(603) 646-2980

Emily Eckels
Director of Fiscal Management and Human Resources
(603) 646-2980

Kristi Clemens
Assistant Dean and Director of Case Management
(603) 646-2980

Sarah McKinney
Case Manager
(603) 646-2980

Edwin R. Leavitt
Special Community Student Program Manager and Executive Assistant
(603) 646-2980

Meghan Liegel
Executive Assistant
(603) 646-3124

Jennifer Nouse
Executive Assistant to the Vice-Provost for Student Affairs and the Dean of the College
(603) 646-3113

Angela Zhang
Project and Communication Coordinator
(603) 646-3901


Last Updated: 9/10/15