Creating Transformational Work: A Call to Inclusive Actions

Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs! 

At Dartmouth, we educate the most promising students and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and responsible leadership. As part of that mission, Student Affairs takes a holistic and integrative approach by offering co-curricular opportunities that develop student leadership and foster a sense of connectedness to all people. 

Student Affairs is committed to advancing the development of competencies for cultural awareness and understanding as we prepare students for their future careers. As we engage with the systemic, historic, and contemporary issues facing our staff, students, and the broader campus community, we recognize that we may need to review and revise our tactics frequently to achieve this vision. 

Our staff is composed of people who strive to be fully present and authentic in their interactions with others.  We recognize that the first step toward our unit's mission is to support one another. To do our best work in educating and supporting students, we embrace the following values.


We take responsibility for collectively creating an environment where everyone can engage as their authentic self.

Continuous improvement

We celebrate our progress and also review our work to understand how we can improve. We grant each other the grace to make mistakes and commit to engaging in active accountability and learning to do better through an iterative approach.

Inclusive Hiring

We commit to engaging in broad and diverse methods of advertising open positions, cultivating potential future colleagues, creatively considering transferable skills, and hiring talent that brings diversity to our teams and our approaches. 


We recognize the imbalance of power in decision-making and actively seek routes to fairness and to hearing the voices of all staff and students. We strive to bring those directly impacted into an inclusive decision-making process.


We encourage professional growth through equal and fair access to mentoring, education, collaborative development, and other opportunities. 


We intentionally speak thoughtfully to and about one another with care and respect. We craft our communications with an eye to compassion, engagement, and inclusion.