COVID-19 Policy Updates

Dartmouth works to protect the safety of its constituents and the surrounding community. Clarity in the expectations we hold for our students are key to engaging and learning together and the Standards of Conduct were not written in anticipation of our current situation.

As our context and best practices recommendations adjust, we will continue to update these directives and expectations.

Policy Updates

  • Undergraduate students are directed not to visit campus for the time being. A small set of students have been granted permission to remain on campus due to medical, visa status, and other reasons.
  • Students permitted to remain on campus may not have guests or visitors to in their residence hall rooms or buildings. Guests are defined as individuals who are not Dartmouth College undergraduates, and visitors are defined as Dartmouth College students who are not assigned to the room they are visiting.
  • Students permitted to remain on campus are expected to practice social distancing on campus and in residence hall common spaces (bathrooms, study lounges, etc), ensuring a minimum of 6 feet of personal space for each person present.
  • Student organizations are also prohibited from holding meetings and gatherings or from allowing occupancy of their houses by anyone other than students permitted by Dartmouth to be on campus and residing in that space.  Likewise, students may not enter or gather in or around buildings owned by College-recognized organizations unless assigned.
  • Students may not enter into College-owned locked campus buildings or property.