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Academic Standing and Progress

Academic Standing

A student on academic “Risk,” “Warning” or “Probation” is expected to consult with his or her class dean. A student on “Probation” is expected to meet with that dean during the first week of classes, at midterms when professors file midterm reports, and approximately every two weeks during the term. During these meetings, the student’s progress is reviewed, and suggestions are made for improvements, including possible referral to other offices. Even if a student is not on “Risk,” “Warning,” or “Probation,” he or she is encouraged to consult with a class dean about any problems.

Mid-term Reports

At midterm, the Dean's Office requests that instructors submit midterm reports for first year students who are earning less than a C- in their courses or experiencing other academic difficulty. These reports do not become part of a first year student’s official transcript; students are notified of the reports, and during fall term they also are sent to parents and Faculty Advisors of first year students. Because not all instructors submit midterm reports, students are always advised to consult their instructors with questions about their standing in courses.

Deans also request midterm reports for the upperclass students on academic risk, warning, probation, or whose standing may be in jeopardy. These reports do not become part of an upperclass student's transcript.

Any student whose academic standing is questionable is urged to stay in close touch with the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students.

Last Updated: 9/3/15