Application Information

Application Procedures

  1. The student reviews the Timetable of Class Meetings with his or her Guidance Counselor to determine appropriate courses to be offered.
  2. The Course Application Form is completed and submitted to the Program Administrator. The appropriate high school department(s) must sign the form, and each student is responsible for speaking with the professor of the Dartmouth course they intend to take and obtaining his or her signature on the application. The student may also speak with the College Department/Program Chair (or designate) if the professor is not on campus. The professors' signature on the Course Application Form does not guarantee entry if the course has a limited enrollment. Registration is confirmed on the second day of classes only if there is room in the course after Dartmouth students have registered.
  3. The student signs the application form after reviewing the Student Handbook and the Catalog/ORC.
  4. The Program Registration form is completed by the student and submitted to the Program Director one time only.
  5. The Hold Harmless Agreement is completed by the student and his or her parents and submitted to the Program Administrator. This form is completed and submitted one time only.
  6. The Permission to Release Education Record Form is signed by the student each term he or she enrolls in a course. At the end of the term, a grade report is mailed to guidance departments for the purpose of confirming successful completion of a course and to provide information for academic advising.
  7. The student receives an email confirmation on the second day of classes notifying the student whether he or she is enrolled in the course. If the enrollment limit was met by Dartmouth students, the high school student may seek enrollment in an alternate course during the add/drop period.
  8. Direct all questions and forms to the Program Administrator.