Letter from the Dean March 2019

Dear Families,

It is snowing today in Hanover, with expected accumulations of anywhere from 1" - 18" in the greater Upper Valley region. By the end of next week, temperatures are expected to be in the 50s. We look forward to welcoming students back for spring term this weekend. With luck, we'll have a short mud season and begin to enjoy spring in Hanover very soon!

Spring term brings with it the anticipation of many events and celebrations, from student government elections in April, to First Year Family Weekend in early May, year-end arts performances, and a wide variety of award and recognition ceremonies towards the end of the term. It is also a time when we begin looking ahead to fall. The fall room selection process begins in early April. The Undergraduate Housing Office will be in contact with rising sophomores, juniors and seniors about fall housing options and our room assignments process. You'll find an overview of registration and application deadlines at https://students.dartmouth.edu/residential-life/undergraduate-housing/about-housing/dates-deadlines. Please encourage your students to review the Undergraduate Housing messages carefully, and to contact their UGAs, their House Assistant Directors, and the Undergraduate Housing Office if they have questions or concerns. Residential Life staff will also be available at House kick-off dinners and other events, in the 53 Commons Lobby, and in the Undergraduate Housing Office in the basement of North Mass. We want to be sure that all students understand their options.

I will be in touch with your students early next week to kick off the term, and will be reminding them of a variety of upcoming opportunities to get involved in Center for Social Impact, Center for Professional Development, Tucker Center, Student Life, and other programs. I'll also be reminding them to be in touch with their undergraduate deans, and to take advantage of campus support resources. As always, my staff and I are standing by to assist, and look forward to seeing many of you in the coming months.

With very best wishes,


Kathryn Lively

Interim Dean of the College

Professor of Sociology

South House Professor