Achieving Community Together

Achieving Community Together Response

In June of 1980, the Board of Trustees endorsed the following Principle of Community for Dartmouth College:

The life and work of a Dartmouth student should be based on integrity, responsibility, and consideration.  In all activities each student is expected to be sensitive to and respectful of the rights and interests of others and to be personally honest.  They should be appreciative of the diversity of the community as providing an opportunity for learning and moral growth.

This statement provides a basis for interaction between and among all members of the College, and each of us is expected to be mindful of it in pursing our own interests as members of this community.

However, no college or community is immune to problems that arise as a result of lack of knowledge, thoughtlessness, misunderstanding, or various forms of intolerance.  The Achieving Community Together (ACT) process is a fact-finding, communication, education, and response process that was developed to provide guidance in assisting and supporting the student community when incidents occur that are experienced or perceived as undermining the College's Principle of Community. 

All ACT reports are shared with the ACT Response Team (ART).  This team evaluates each report and when appropriate meets with the impacted and implicated parties. If there is behavior that, if true, violates a college Standard of Conduct, the report will be shared with the Department of Safety & Security and the Office of Community Standards & Accountability for appropriate action under applicable disciplinary processes.  Otherwise, our goal is not to engage in disciplinary action but to engage in dialogue about the action and its impact in an effort to learn, grow, and to enhance our community.  Through this process we work together to raise awareness, create educational and restorative opportunities for growth and responsibility, and provide support across our community for fulfilling our Principle of Community.

Reporting an Incident: If you witness or are directly impacted by an incident, immediately contact a College official or Safety and Security at 603-646-4000, or submit the report using the Online Reporting  Form.

Incidents can also be reported by using the LiveSafe app.