Video: Dartmouth Forensic Union Debates at Top Speed

Members of this debate team argue policies at up to 350 words per minute.

Editor's note: On March 30, Dartmouth Forensic Union team members Raam Tambe '21 and Tyler Vergho '23 won the national championship for Dartmouth.

The Dartmouth Forensic Union, named for Aristotle's term "forensic rhetoric," is home to the policy debate team. John Turner '03, director of the Dartmouth Forensic Union, and debaters Tyler Vergho '23 and Raam Tambe '21 explain the history of the group and the characteristics of policy debate.

"I think what we do on the debate team has made me a better writer, a better researcher, a better speaker, and a better class participant," says Tambe. "It's a lasting part of what I'm getting out of my college experience."

The team will be competing in the national championship this weekend.