Views From the Green in July

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Campus stays busy during summer term.

A student participating in agro-ecology
Tobin Yates ’26 counts stems of quackgrass pulled from a vegetable bed at the Organic Farm. Students were measuring the grass population in a lab for environmental studies professor Theresa Ong’s agroecology class. (Photo by Katie Lenhart) 
An aerial view of students tending to crops in a field
An aerial view of students tending to crops in a field at the Organic Farm. (Photo by Chris Johnson) 
A group of cyclists at The prouty
A group of cyclists were among the thousands of participants at The Prouty, the major fundraiser for the Dartmouth Cancer Center, on July 13. (Photo by Herb Swanson) 
Summer Scholars taking a tour of campus
High school students in the pilot Summer Scholars program spent their first day at Dartmouth on July 1 touring campus. (Photo by Katie Lenhart) 
Construction of the updated Hop
Contractors install flared concrete panels on the Performance Lab, part of the new Daryl and Steven Roth Wing at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. (Photo by Robert Gill)
An aerial view of a crane building the Hop
An aerial view of construction workers bringing the updated Hop to life. (Photo by Chris Johnson) 
An aerial shot of Rauner Special Collections Library and Baker Library.
An aerial shot of the Rauner Special Collections Library and Baker Library. (Photo by Robert Gill) 
Dave Kotz, Panagiotis Metaxas, and Scot Drysdale cutting cake
Provost David Kotz ’86; Wellesley College Professor of Computer Science Panagiotis Metaxas, Guarini ’92; and Emeritus Professor of Computer Science Scot Drysdale cut a cake to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Department of Computer Science at Dartmouth. (Photo by Katie Lenhart) 
Damola Olorunfem and Felix Feldman talking
Damola Olorunfemi ’26 catches up with Felix Feldman ’26 in Reiss Hall in Baker Library. (Photo by Robert Gill) 
Students conversating at an outdoor table
Two students enjoy a chat on the Collis terrace before construction started. (Photo by Robert Gill)