Spectator Policy

Affected Parties

All Students

Policy Statement

Dartmouth students are expected to be responsible members of our community not only in the classroom but also in attendance at events on and off campus, including athletic events. While the College encourages students to attend games and support Dartmouth teams, the College expects that all spectators, including students, show respect for the integrity of the game and our opponents, and recognize that patrons at any athletic contest are likely to be of all ages and generations, and include young children. Spectators are expected to practice good sportsmanship in supporting the teams and in their conduct toward players, coaches, officials and other spectators.

The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited at athletic events. Students attending games are expected to act in a manner that is consistent with the Standards of Conduct, including not being disorderly or disruptive and following the directions they receive from College officials or law enforcement personnel during a game, including the direction to refrain from disorderly or disruptive conduct.


Effective Date

January 1, 2016

Office of Primary Responsibility