Student Support

Undergraduate Deans Office

The Undergraduate Deans Office is a valuable resource to help students navigate their Dartmouth journey. Each student is assigned an undergraduate dean who will work with them from their arrival on campus until their graduation. 

The undergraduate deans offer support and advising on academic and personal matters. They can also refer students to other offices and provide infomation on policies and procedures. If your student has a question, talking to their undergraduate dean is a great start.

The Undergraduate Deans Office also provides helpful resources for parents, guardians, and families.

Learn more about your student's academic journey, and how you can support their experience.

Support 24 Hours a Day



5 Rope Ferry Rd

(603) 646-4000

Connects to after-hours counseling services and the Dean-On-Call

When a student calls the Department of Safety & Security at (603) 646-3333, they may ask to be connected with the on-call resource. Safety & Security will help your student determine what care they need and how and where to get it.

Our on-call resources are available for emergencies 24/7. There is always a Dean-On-Call, a Counselor-On-Call, and a Community Director-On-Call, and they can assist with providing resources for support.