Data & Resources

Dartmouth Specific Data

Dartmouth Hazing Incidents & Outcomes

  • Each term, the Community Standards and Accountability Office reports on findings from the Organization adjudication Committee related to hazing.

Dartmouth HPC Survey Results

The Hazing Prevention Consortium conducted a survey of Dartmouth College students in April 2018 (1). The majority of Dartmouth students who responded felt:

  • There is NO good reason to haze new members of a group (67%)
  • Hazing is NOT an effective way to create bonding (60.2%) or initiate new members (62.3%)
  • They do NOT need to be hazed to feel like they belong to a group (90.5%)
  • It can be hazing even if someone agrees to participate (80.8%)
    • *survey respondents were students from across campus (not just members of the Greek community)
    • *percentages include respondents who "strongly agreed," "agreed", or "agreed more than disagreed"
    • Hazing Prevention Consortium (April 2018). Dartmouth College Campus Hazing Survey Report (Unpublished).  Response Rate 24.2%, N=220.

National Hazing Data and Facts

Stop Hazing is a leading resource for hazing research and prevention. This data provides a glimpse on how college students nationally view hazing and hazing behaviors.